About Ellgia

Our approach is unique; we focus on designing solutions for our clients that are tailored to their individual requirements. We deliver efficient, measurable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions. We also partner leading facility management companies and waste brokers with single and multi site contracts.

We understand the necessity of providing a seamless service which is backed up by dedicated and experienced staff, ensuring unrivalled customer service and measurable success through innovative reporting.

Ellgia Recycling aims to take the burden of the day to day management of your waste and recycling service away from your staff, whilst ensuring essential information is relayed and communicated to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. We understand the need for a prompt and efficient service backed up with credible information.

We listen to our customers and are committed at looking at ways of reducing our environmental impact. We are currently investing in the latest state of the art software which enables our drivers to use mobile PDA devices, eliminating the need to produce paper tickets and making real time information available to the customer through our unique customer portal. Customers will be able to access and download important detailed information and reports to assist with the management of their waste stream. This can be included as part of the, now essential, environmental report.

Ellgia Recycling offers all of our customers a paperless experience with one invoice covering all the services sent electronically each month. This helps us save both paper and the environment. We constantly review our customers' requirements to ensure best practice and value for money.