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Easy ways to maximise your recycling

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Did you know that your business could be missing out on large cost savings if you don’t maximise the amount of waste that you recycle?

Often companies we work save between 20 to 40 per cent on the cost of their general waste removal once they adopt new recycling schemes that we can help you to set up.

Wouldn’t you like to be spending that extra money on investment in your business, rather than watching it go up in smoke? Ellgia has a team of advisers who can come out to your business and help you see where savings could be made.

Our four tips for maximising your waste:

1: Generate less waste

Simple ideas like buying everyone a mug, and even getting a nice coffee machine for the office, will save on cardboard coffee cups from coffee shops; using cloth towels in your kitchen and bathroom will save on paper towel waste; print documents on both sides to save paper.

2: Have a waste audit

Ellgia offers free waste audits. One of our team will visit your workplace and evaluate the amount and types of waste your business generates. From this we can work out the right package for you – including container sizewaste streams, and frequency of collection. We usually find that businesses are putting items in their general waste that could be easily recycled. This would bring down the cost of their waste removal because recycling waste in cheaper to dispose of. You could make a cost saving of up to 40 per cent following a waste audit.

3: Separate your waste into waste streams

If you can separate your waste as far as possible, making sure you don’t contaminate dry mixed recycling with food waste, for example, you will save the most money. The usual waste streams that businesses have are:

General waste is up to four times more expensive to dispose of than some waste streams.

4: Make recycling easy for your staff

Recycling won’t happen unless it can became a simple daily habit. That’s why we work with you to provide the most convenient containers for your business. If your business is office based, we can provide separate recycling containers, with labels, to help staff keep waste separate. Hospitality staff may need a glass recycling container or food waste container at a handy distance from their workstation. If you remove the barriers to recycling and make it easy for staff to do, you will be more likely to change the work culture to make it happen.

For your free waste audit or more information, call 01223 322799 or email