Glass Recycling

All of these items can be recycled in our single collection service:

  • Mixed coloured bottles (beer, wine, water and Champagne)
  • Jars (food jars – ensured these are washed out)
  • Glasswear  (broken wine, beer, water glasses)

It couldn’t be simpler. And because you are removing the weight of glass items from your general waste containers then you may save significant amounts of money on general waste collections.

Why recycle your glass?

  • Glass is the perfect recyclable material. It can be re-melted again and again to create new glass products, without ever losing its purity. So, it is a huge waste to throw it away.
  •  Glass that is thrown away and ends up in landfill sites will never decompose.
  • The UK glass industry needs more recycled glass, particularly clear glass bottles and jars.

Glass Recycling saves energy

Making glass bottles and jars from recycled glass saves energy. The energy saving from recycling one bottle will:

  • Power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour.
  • Power a computer for 20 minutes.
  • Power a colour TV for 15 minutes.
  • Power a washing machine for 10 minutes.

Glass Recycling protects the environment

Every tonne of glass recycled prevents the quarrying of 1.2 tonnes of raw materials. It also prevents the release into the atmosphere of 314kg of CO2, helping to prevent climate change.

The progress so far

Bottles manufactured in the UK contain recycled content already. On average:

  • Clear bottles are made of 29%* recycled glass.
  • Brown bottles are made of 25%* recycled glass.
  • Green bottles are made of 71%* recycled glass.

*This is based on validated data from British Glass and it is taken from 2008 data.

How can you get started?

Ellgia Recycling will provide a free waste audit for your business to assess your waste requirements and then we will create a tailored package to match your business needs, based on volumes and individual specific requirements.

How will my glass be collected?

Typically most of our customers are provided with a 240 litre wheelie bin container, but we can offer your business a number of container options to suit your requirements with a service schedule to suit.

Get in touch

If you are interested in our glass recycling service, or you would like to discuss in detail how we could help your business to recycle more, then please contact us on 01223 322799 or email us at


glass recycling
An image showing glass wine bottles ready to be recycled, glass recycling

Acceptable Materials – Beer Bottles, Jars, Wine/champagne Bottles and All colours are acceptable (Brown, Green and Clear)

Ellgia Recycling can collect your Glass in the below container options and take this for Recycling.

Capacity Height Length Width Holds
240 Litre 1.10 Metre 0.75 Metre 0.58 Metre 4 bags
glass recycling