Paper Recycling for Print Trade 

The size of your campany does not have any bearing on our unique solution as we can provide our services to the small and the large multi-site printers for paper recycling.

We design a solution for each printer to ensure we are capturing the best possible value for the material. We make sure the solution works with the production process to minimize disruption for your staff.

All of our vehicles have the latest technology fitted, including certified weighing, which can be used to produce "real time" data on the load collected, so you can see the actual weight of each collection via our portal system.

We offer the full range of containers:-

  • Sacks
  • Wheelie bins
  • Pallet boxes
  • Baled collections
  • Palletised
  • Rear end loaders
  • Compactors
  • Open Rollonof
  • Air blown systems

Contact Ellgia Recycling on 01223 322799 or for a free site audit.

Acceptable Material – Newspaper, Office Paper, Junk Mail, Magazines, Envelopes, Leaflets and Books.

Ellgia Recycling can collect your Paper in a number of different container options and these are sizes available

Capacity Height Length Width Holds
240 Litre 1.10 Metre 0.75 Metre 0.58 Metre 4 bags
360 Litre 1.11 Metre 0.86 Metre 0.63 Metre 6 bags
660 Litre 1.30 Metre 0.72 Metre 1.26 Metre 10 bags
1100 Litre 1.40 Metre 1.00 Metre 1.26 Metre 16 bags
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