Processing & RDF Waste

Ellgia have been supplying selected partners with Residual Derived Fuel (RDF waste) to facilities in the UK for a number of years, which then supplies a number of energy recovery facilities across Europe.

We have invested heavily in our Scunthorpe facility to become our central hub for RDF production because of its location to multiple ports and has a strong infrastructure to cope with our rising demand from our customers by diverting more waste away from landfill.

Why RDF?

Residual Derived Fuel (RDF) has enabled UK waste producers to divert their residual waste from landfill and convert it into energy at UK & European plants.  

Some waste streams can be economically and practicably recycled and making use of the combustible residual waste as a potential source of fuel makes environmental and economic sense.

On arrival at our facilities we start the process by removing any recyclable materials from the load before we shred and dry the material to meet our supplier`s specification to ensure the material is fit for their requirements in Energy production.

We have stringent weekly analysis to ensure the RDF we produce meets the highest standards of RDF production.

The material then is sent to our suppliers who then provide the UK & European plant with a product that can be used to generate heat and electric.

Residual Derived Fuel has lots of benefits firstly it reduces our landfill requirements and it reduces our reliance on the traditional methods of energy generation including Fossil fuels.

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