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General Waste

General Waste does not need to go to landfill it can be processed to extract all recyclables and any leftover material can be prepared as a substitute for fossil fuel to generate energy.

We can advise you on the optimum number of bins, types of bins and the frequency of collections you will need.

Acceptable Materials: light commercial waste and normally polystyrene, laminated plastic film, sweepings and food contaminated tins/pots/trays.

Collection Methods: Containers are picked up by dustcarts, skips or RoRos vehicles, or if you are in a listed building or on a busy high street where bin containers are not permitted we can supply you with bags which you can order online and get collected in a similar way to the containers.

Container Options: Depending on your business needs we can recommend a container that you will regularly fill, we will then collect your waste and provide you with a new container on an agreed schedule at an arranged time and these are the sizes available:

240 litre 1.10 metre 0.75 metre 0.58 metre 4 bags
360 litre 1.11 metre 0.86 metre 0.63 metre 6 bags
660 litre 1.30 metre 0.72 metre 1.26 metre 10 bags
1100 litre 1.40 metre 1.00 metre 1.26 metre 16 bags

If you are interested in our general waste services, please contact our experienced team on 01223 322799 or email us on