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Boosting the green credentials of Addenbrooke’s & Rosie hospital, Cambridge

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The team from Ellgia have been supporting the staff at Addenbrooke’s & the Rosie hospital with increasing awareness of recycling and waste management to boost the green credentials of the Trust.

As part of our partnership with Cambridge University Hospital (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust, we have been supporting Environmental Days to inspire and educate staff and patients on how to use the recycling containers across the site. Organising the recycling containers on site is only one part of an organisation’s recycling journey, ensuring that the right materials are put in the right container is the next step. The Environmental Days provide a fantastic opportunity for staff to be inspired and understand what they can recycle in each of the containers and to see for themselves the journey the waste takes to be recycled or turned into fuel once it has arrived at our site.

The Ellgia team have been working closely with the hospitals’ Environmental Team to identify issues for our Environmental Days and help them to improve recycling rates.

Jonathan Patman, Deputy Environmental Services Manager at CUH, said:

“Ellgia have been working with us to increase awareness of recycling and waste management throughout CUH.

The Environmental Days have given staff insight into what actually happens to our waste when it leaves here and arrives at Ellgia’s site, along with the processing required and its final destination.

Given the current climate around recycling and waste, it is important that we continue to improve our recycling rates and ensure the right waste ends up in the right bin.”

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