Biomass Boiler and Material Drying Facility

Biomass Boilers UK

The biomass boiler is fuelled using clean grade-A waste wood which is recycled from our incoming commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) waste streams or collected direct from customers’ sites. The wood is processed on site to produce screened woodchip suitable for biomass boilers.

At the heart of the installation is an Ariterm 1MW boiler; where the combustion of the woodchip is used to heat fresh air, which is circulated through a specially designed building suitable for drying a range of bulk materials. 

biomass boiler

Fresh outside air is heated in a heat exchanger by a hot water from the closed boiler heating circuit. The heated air is passed via ductwork though a grated floor in the drying building. The air passes through the shredded material in a single pass and in so doing reduces the moisture content of the material inside.

The object of the drying store is currently used to control the moisture content of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) as the technical specification of the RDF stipulates limits on moisture, organic matter and many other factors. Our processing removes the unwanted organic and other materials from the RDF fraction and the drying system is designed to reduce the moisture content to the optimum level.  The RDF fuel is then shipped to either waste to energy plants or is used as fuel in the manufacture of cement.

Drying Process

The drying floor is designed to pass 55,000 m3/hr of fresh air through the drying store. The air makes a single pass (no recirculation) through the floor of the drying building up through the shredded material and out of the building at high level.

biomass boilers uk

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