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Office recycling

Our office recycling service includes containers for each type of waste to make recycling easier in the office. Our containers are all made from 100% post consumer waste.


What do we classify as
office recycling?

For office recycling we use the uBin. These bins are 100% post consumer waste and are clearly labelled for ease of sorting. Once you have filled your uBin containers this waste is then emptied into relevant wheelie bins and picked up by a dust cart on our collection rounds.

It’s vital that we make sure the right bins are used for the right types of waste so that we can recover and recycle as much as possible.


Here’s what can go in our office recycling collections:


General waste

About the uBin

100% post consumer
Made from the same plastic waste
that you recycle every day


Sloping lid
Improves visibility and prevents
objects being left on the lid


A recessed airhole reduces
suction when removing the liner



Waste Station (1)

Tall design
The tall design allows for maximum visability whilst preventing the user from bending down.

Overhanging lid

The deep overhanging lid neatly
hides ugly liners from view

70l capacity

A generous 70 litre capacity prevents
the need for frequent emptying



Our commitment to quality

We specialise in waste management, processing and recycling for commercial, trade and homeowners.

Our promise to you:
We’re service driven
We’re local
We’re an independent and family run business
We’re flexible
We care for our customers
We’re innovative with technology
We are, and always will be, transparent with our customers


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