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Front-end loader

Ellgia operates a front-end loader service that is the most modern and cost-effective solution for waste collection.


Container sizes

Front-end loaders are available in a number of different container options and these are the sizes available.


6YD Front-end loader

Capacity - 6 cubic yards

Typical bag hold - 48 to 60 bags

Height - 1.80 metres

Width - 1.80 metres

Depth - 1.70 metres


8YD Front-end loader

10YD Front-end loader

Capacity - 8 cubic yards

Typical bag hold - 72 to 90 bags

Height - 2.00 metres

Width - 1.80 metres

Depth - 2.10 metres

Capacity - 10 cubic yards

Typical bag hold - 96 to 120 bags

Height - 2.40 metres

Width - 1.80 metres

Depth - 2.10 metres

front end loader full opt

Front-end loader services

The front-end loader containers are fully enclosed to aid tidiness and to offer protection from unwanted vermin and adverse weather conditions. To minimise disruption on customer sites and to reduce ever-increasing transport costs, all containers – which are available in a range of sizes – are emptied on site.

Ideally, they are suitable for containing dry waste or recyclable material; a regular service is essential. While front-end loader services can be applied to any waste solution, they are ideal for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our commitment to quality

We specialise in waste management, processing and recycling for commercial, trade and homeowners.

Our promise to you:
We’re service driven
We’re local
We’re an independent and family run business
We’re flexible
We care for our customers
We’re innovative with technology
We are, and always will be, transparent with our customers


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