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Ellgia Recycling Limited can provide expert advice on compacting waste handling equipment from static compactors to air blown systems.

We have agreements in place with a number of manufacturers to ensure we can supply your business with a range of options to meet your individual requirements.

We can provide various styles of compactors which are ideal for high volume waste/recyclate output; these machines are designed to save on space and increase productivity thus saving time and money. 

These are some of the machines we can provide for your business:-

  • Roller Packers
  • Portable Compactors
  • Static Compactors
  • Bespoke Design Compactors
  • Air Blown Systems

We can provide various lease options or highly competitive outright purchase prices to provide your business with the appropriate solution to match your individual requirements.

Contact our experienced team on 01223 322799 or for more information.