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Askern Music Festival Go Green with Ellgia Recycling

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Askern Music Festival in Doncaster are going green with a partnership with Ellgia Recycling

Glastonbury made a bold statement this year with their ban on single-use plastics, but not all festivals have the manpower behind them to do this so quickly. Doncaster’s Askern Music Festival have started their journey to reduce their impact on the environment with a waste and recycling partnership with Ellgia Recycling in Scunthorpe.

Normally we work with Doncaster Council to dispose of our waste through the club bins at Askern Welfare Cricket Club. This year we wanted to increase our recycling and start our green journey so we started looking for a local recycling company to partner with. Ellgia have increased our recycling, provided a better service, give us traceability of our waste and created a waste management plan for the entire festival

Andy O Grady, Organiser Askern Music Festival

The Askern Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Doncaster,  with headliners such as Cast, Starsailor, and Toploader. The festival attracts around 3000 people from the UK and Europe and like all festivals, Askern is concerned with the environmental impact of their event and hope to introduce re-usable plastic to their event in the next year.

Ellgia is based in Scunthorpe and Cambridge helping individuals, businesses and the trade to improve their recycling and waste management and deliver skips across Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and Norfolk. With a strong focus on protecting the environment, they work on the principle of sending zero waste to landfill which means that whatever waste they receive is sorted to enable more recycling. The process involves sorting into different waste categories, picking out ferrous materials wood, hardcore, cardboard, fines, soil and small stones that can all be recycled and then drying the remaining waste before it can be converted into Refuse Derived Fuel or Solid Recovered Fuel. These fuels are then used to powerhouses and energy plants across Europe.

Local partnerships are a huge part of our business as it helps protect the environment on a wider scale. We work with a lot of events and we are proud to add Askern Music Festival to the list. We look forward to a long relationship together.

Jack Lavington, Operations Director, Ellgia

If you are looking to work with a waste management and recycling business that can help you with your own journey to reducing your environmental impact then get in touch with the team at Ellgia. We work with businesses, offices, and tradespeople as well as delivering a huge number of skips across our region.

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