Rear end loader services

This service is ideal for use on retail parks, small to medium manufacturing premises and industrial units.

  • Timely collections to suit your needs.
  • Fast collection time on site to reduce business disruption.
  • Front and rear access for loading.
  • Documentation complying with legislation.
  • Containers permanently at your premises.

Container sizes

Capacity Cubic Yard Height Length Width
8   (6.1m3) 1.50 Metre 3.26 Metre
1.68 Metre
12   (9.2m3) 1.86 Metre 3.70 Metre 1.68 Metre
16   (12.16m3) 2.00 Metre 4.51 Metre 1.68 Metre

vehicle dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight 32.0 Tonnes
Vehicle Length 11.0 Metre
Pick-up Length 15.00 Metre
Travel Height 3.80 Metre
Operating Height 6.00 Metre
Vehicle Width 2.55 Metre
Turning circle 23.01 Metre
rear end loader