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Glass recycling

Glass waste is split into two different categories:

Mixed bottles & jars and plate & laminate glass.

We can collect mixed coloured bottles, jars and glassware in our glass recycling collections. It couldn’t be simpler and it may result in significant cost savings as you are removing the weight of glass items from your general waste collections.

We can also collect and recycle plate and laminated glass in skips.

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Choose your Container Type

We offer waste collection in a variety of different container sizes to suit your needs.


Wheeled Bins

Our wheelie bins for hire are suitable for most office, school, commercial, retail or industrial sites.




Rear-end loaders

Rear-end loader containers are designed to stay at the customer’s premises and services can be scheduled or collected on demand, depending on the waste volumes produced.


Front-end loaders

Ellgia operates a front-end loader service that is the most modern and cost-effective solution for waste collection.




Roll-on-off Containers

Roll-on-off containers offer a service ideally suited to the movement of large volumes of all dry types of waste and bulky material.

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Ellgia Recycling Limited can provide expert advice on compacting waste handling equipment from static compactors to air blown systems.



What do we classify as
glass recycling?

Your mixed glass bottles & jars will be collected on a schedule to suit your business. Normally customers are supplied with a 240 litre wheelie bin container, but we can offer your business a number of container options to suit your requirements.

It’s vital that we make sure the right bins are used for the right types of waste so that we can recover and recycle as much as possible.

Plate & laminate glass cannot be mixed with bottles & jars, there should be two separate services if your business produces both glass waste streams.

We will take any glass beer bottles, jars, wine bottles and champagne bottles. All colours of glass can be collected. We can also collect plate and laminated glass as a separate waste stream via our skip service.

Our commitment to quality

We specialise in waste management, processing and recycling for commercial, trade and homeowners.

Our promise to you:
We’re service driven
We’re local
We’re an independent and family run business
We’re flexible
We care for our customers
We’re innovative with technology
We are, and always will be, transparent with our customers


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