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Are you paying for recyclable material to be landfilled?

Do you have the ability to view your collection information online?

Did you know that the more waste you recycle, the cheaper your waste bills will be? We want to help you achieve the best deal for your business, and to help the environment too. Ellgia Recycling is leading the way by providing all businesses with an option to measure their environmental impact and to know the weight of their waste, whether recyclable or general. Our innovative technology provides your business with a fair and simple solution: you only pay for what you dispose of.

Our innovative pay-by-weight solution uses the latest technology on container weighing and identification. We can offer this service on all types of containers and our system can record the following information:

  • Waste Type and Weight.
  • Location details.
  • Date and time.
  • Container size.
  • Container type.

All of our vehicles are satellite-tracked and, when the vehicle empties each container, it records the time, date, GPS location and the actual weight of the material that has been collected. This information is transmitted by the handheld device to a web-based server where it is permanently stored.

Our pay-by-weight solution is designed to ensure your business will be proactive in trying to recyle more. The more you recycle, the lower your bill will be, because general waste costs more than recycled waste. This solution will help your business save costs and benefit the environment.

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