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Roll-on-off Containers

Roll-on-off containers offer a service ideally suited to the movement of large volumes of all dry types of waste and bulky material.

Roll-on-off Container Services

Roll-on-off containers are suitable for large industrial customers, factories, production and manufacturing sites.

Below are some benefits of using the Roll-on-off Container service from Ellgia:

  • Timely collections to suit your needs.
  • Quick response to service calls.
  • Documentation complying with legislation.
  • Easy to load – choice of access points.

Container sizes

20 (15m3) 1.22 metre 6.10 metre 2.44 metre
25 (19m3) 1.93 metre 6.30 metre 2.44 metre
35 (27m3) 2.41 metre 6.30 metre 2.44 metre
40 (31m3) 2.72 metre 6.30 metre 2.44 metre

Vehicle dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight 30.5 tonnes
Vehicle Length 9.14 metre
Pick-up Length 15.54 metre
Travel Height 4.72 metre
Operating Height 5.03 metre
Vehicle Width 2.50 metre
Turning Circle 23.01 metre

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