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Ellgia Recycling saves 7,000 tonnes of material from landfill

Ellgia Recycling Group, a leading provider of bespoke commercial waste management solutions, has recycled more than 7,000 tonnes of material in May collected from businesses across the East of England.


Between the 1st and 31st May 2015, Ellgia Recycling recycled over 6,000 tonnes of cardboard and paper, 600 tonnes of food waste, 700 tonnes of plastic and 50 tonnes of glass on behalf of its customers. If this material went to landfill it would have cost these businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as having a hugely negative impact on the environment.

Director at Ellgia Recycling, said: “Our figures reveal the benefits of an effective waste management solution to both businesses and the wider environment. We’re committed to recycling as much material as possible for our customers, reducing the financial burden of sending material to landfill but also helping them to meet ever stringent environmental regulations. By enabling them to view their key environmental information via our innovative web portal, we can also help them to monitor and report on their successes.”

Ellgia Recycling operates a ‘pay-by-weight’ solution, using the latest container weighing and identification technology, to ensure that customers only pay for what they dispose of. It accurately records information including: waste type and weight; location details; date and time; container size and type. This information is transmitted to a web-based server that customers can access in real time, 24 / 7, to help monitor and control their waste and provide detailed reports as required.



Ellgia spokesperson continued: “It’s been an incredible three years for us since we first started operations and our growth reflects the increasing need for smart waste management solutions. Each business has different requirements and we work with everyone from hospitals and major event venues to printers and manufacturers, creating bespoke solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We have a raft of new solutions in development and are looking forward to further improving the environmental credentials of businesses across the East of England and beyond in the coming months and years.”

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