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Six reasons to choose Ellgia for your recyling

You may not have heard of Ellgia Recycling yet, but we have been running an innovative and cost effective waste handling and recycling service in the East of England for more than five years.


Ellgia has built up a large base of satisfied customers who are astonished at how much money they have saved on landfill costs, as well enjoying a personalised service with bespoke collection schedules and the comfort of knowing we are local.

With a commitment to recycling and keeping materials away from landfill, Ellgia Recycling enables its customers to manage waste effectively and saves businesses huge sums of money.

The cost of sending waste to landfill is increasing every year, as are the restrictions on what can be sent. In addition, penalties can be imposed on businesses that don’t handle waste appropriately or if the right paperwork is not complete before materials leave their premises.

Our services go the extra mile to help you recycle more, comply with the law, save money and see the progress you are making in reducing the amount you spend on landfill waste.

Here are the reasons why we are winning more and more customers away from national operators:

1: We will save you money

As general waste is more expensive for the customer than recycled waste, we have devised a method that will charge you according to the type and weight of your waste, so you get value for money.

Our innovative pay-by-weight solution uses the latest technology on container weighing and identification. We can offer this service on all types of containers and our system can record waste type and weight, location details, date and time, container size and container type.

You can access this detailed breakdown through our customer information portal and use it to see clearly where cost savings could be made by increasing the amount that you recycle. This makes our service to you, and our costs, completely transparent and fair.

2: Bespoke solutions

Every business has different needs, that’s why we offer the correct containers and a bespoke collection schedule that best suits your requirements. Whether you want collections twice a week or once a month – we can deliver that service. We want you to get the best deal possible from us.

3: A free waste audit

Why guess what services you need when we can do a thorough audit of your waste stream and create the best package possible for your output? Our simple but effective waste audit will help highlight areas for improvement and provide baseline information to measure change against. It will help you to prioritise the most important areas for action.

4: Compliance

Our detailed reports that break down exactly which types of waste you are sending to landfill or recycling are of huge benefit to customers who undergo environmental audits. Instead of trying to work out this complicated information for yourself, it is available at the touch of a button. And your auditors will be very happy.

5: Environmentally friendly

Our aim is to help our customers reduce their landfill waste to zero. We partner with local anaerobic digestion service provider Biogen, who handle all of our food waste recycling and use it to create green energy.



Services we provide:

General Waste

Mixed Recycling

Food Recycling

Nationwide Cardboard & Baled Recycling Collections

Paper Recycling for Print Trade

Plastic Recycling

Commercial Bag Services

Office Recycling

Organic & Composting

Consultant Services

Total Waste Management

WEEE Recycling

Waste Auditing


If you have an issue with your current provider, we would be very happy to visit or call you to provide an Ellgia solution.  We care, which is why whenever you call our team, we’ll guarantee a speedy and helpful response. Call us now on 01223 322799.

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