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Four top reasons to try food and glass recycling

The benefits to a business of food and glass recycling are many, but a change that most customers notice is they reduce their general waste.


Save money for your business

As general waste is much more expensive to have collected and processed than recycled material it makes clear financial sense to reduce your company’s general waste output.

Taking up a food and glass recycling service will pay dividends in the long run by saving you money.

The hospitality business in particular would notice a huge drop in the volume of their general waste just by taking up food and glass recycling services. According to WRAP, 920,000 tonnes of food is thrown away every year by the hospitality and food service sector alone, costing £2.5 million and producing between 460,000 – 920,000 tonnes of CO2.

Food waste can be turned into energy

Why waste the energy that is contained within left over food, when it could be used to provide green power instead? Ellgia sends all food waste to a local anaerobic digestion plant, where it is then broken down to produce biogas and bio fertiliser.

In just one month, we collected 336.78 tonnes of food waste from existing customers, delivering a carbon saving against landfill of 30,000 kg. This food waste was used to generate 130,000 Kwhr, enough to power 35 houses, and enough fertiliser to produce crops to make 70,000 loaves of bread.

Glass can keep on being recycled.

Did you know you can recycle glass forever, without it losing clarity or quality? So it is a shame to throw it away. Glass will never decompose, so if it is thrown away it will simply stay in the ground.

The hospitality industry is one of the heaviest users of glass, especially clear glass, which can be recycled into many different products.

It meets your corporate responsibility needs.

Many businesses now are conscious or their corporate responsibility and have stated aims of reducing their general waste output. By taking on a food and glass recycling service you can help staff to meet those requirements. We can provide the most suitable containers for your business, helping recycling to become second nature to staff.

We also provide detailed reports of the types of waste and a measurement of its weight, as part of our service. This means that you will have all the relevant information to hand if you have to submit environmental reports for audit.


Get in touch

If you are interested in our food and glass recycling services, or you would like to discuss in detail how we could help your business to recycle more, then please contact us on 01223 322799 or email us at

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