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Wishing manager Ian McLees a happy retirement

We’re saying goodbye and wishing a happy retirement this week to our brilliant and much-loved General Manager, Ian McLees.


Ian has been with Ellgia from the start and has helped the company to grow into the success story that it is today. His hard work, dedication and willingness to roll up his sleeves to get the job done is legendary throughout Ellgia.  We asked Ian about his time at Ellgia and wanted to share his final thoughts with you.

The early days

With Ian being employee number four here at Ellgia, it is fair to say he has played a vital role in the evolution of the company over the past six years.  One of the biggest changes Ian has seen during his time with Ellgia is a company that began with just a handful of employees to its large workforce today.  And very proudly, one aspect that remains consistent is the strong focus on giving the best customer service possible, nothing is ever too much.

A favourite memory

One of the favourite memories Ian will take with him is being part of a company that is well known and respected in the industry, something that will always make us proud.  Ian recalls previous customers contacting Ellgia directly for assistance when others had fallen short.  Back in the early days team work was especially important in order to make the business a success, even if it meant Barry (Finance Manager) and Steve (MD) helping out with the deliveries of wheelie bins – all very hands on to get the work done!

Wise words as we part

Over the years, Ian has become very much a father figure within the team and will be sorely missed.  One little quirk we know we’ll miss is his 1-10 scoring system, random at times but something he’ll always be remembered for!

As Ian bids us farewell, a few words of advice he offers is to continue doing what we do best here at Ellgia, ensuring the focus is on the customer and that the best service is always provided.

Happy retirement

Naturally humble, Ian didn’t want us to make a fuss when he retired – but obviously we couldn’t let him go without a decent send off. We threw him a little get together which was very enjoyable, a meal and presents to show him how much we will miss him.



We wish Ian a very happy and relaxing retirement and hope he enjoys spending time with his family and walking his dog. He’s most certainly earned it!

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