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Cambridgeshire Recycling

Plastic recycling in Cambridgeshire

As part of a complete waste management service Ellgia Recycling in Cambridgeshire is able to offer a range of waste plastic solutions. Due to complexity related to the many different types of plastic, we assess each individual plastic type to provide the correct form of plastic recycling.

Not only does Ellgia recycle plastic but we also recycle many other materials such as paper, cardboard, cans, shrink wrap, plastic film, tins and every day general waste.

Common plastics that can be recycled are bottles for fruit juices, household cleaners, some carrier bags, cling film, guttering, electrical conduits, window frames, wire and cable insulation, some plant pots, ink tubes in ball point pens, plastic straws, containers for soft cheeses and fats, microwaveable food tubs, yoghurt pots, clear egg cartons, plastic cutlery and cups, cassette boxes, plastic coat hangers, polycarbonate baby bottles and many more.

Ellgia can provide a number of different sized bins or bags to suit each customers individual needs.