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Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is part of a complete waste management service provided by Ellgia waste recycling solutions.

In 2015 the government introduced new legislation for the collection, transport, recovery, and disposal of waste. This requires all collection authorities to separate recyclates, with the legislation aiming to help the UK achieve a higher level of plastic recycling.

Due to the complex nature of the many different types of plastic, we assess each plastic type in order to provide you with the correct form of plastic recycling.

Accepted Materials: plastic bottles, shrink wrap, drinks bottles, milk bottles and plastic food trays.

Polyethylene terephthalate. PET Fizzy drinks bottles, coffee makers, toasters, ovenproof trays and bags. 1 Plastic Recycling

High-density polyethylene (sometimes called polythene)

HDPE Bottles for fruit juices, household cleaners, chemicals, most aerosol caps and some carrier bags. 2 Recycled Waste
Polyvinyl chloride. PVC Bottles for fruit squash, cooking oil, shampoo, blister packs, cling film, guttering, electrical conduits, window frames, wire and cable insulation. 3 Waste Collection
Low-density polyethylene. LDPE Squeezy containers for sauces and cosmetics, plastic films (e.g. shrink wrap, sacks, freezer bags), some plant pots and ink tubes in ballpoint pens. 4 Waste Collection Services
Polypropylene. PP Plastic straws, containers for soft cheeses and fats, microwaveable food tubs, film bags for crisps, biscuits and snacks. 5 Waste Management Companies
Polystyrene. PS Yoghurt pots, clear egg cartons, plastic cutlery and cups, cassette boxes, plastic coat hangers and ballpoint pen cases. 6 Waste Management Services
Other. e.g: polycarbonate baby bottles 7

If you are interested in our plastic recycling service, or you would like to discuss in detail how we could help your business to recycle more, please contact our experienced team on 01223 322799 or email us on