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Ellgia new food waste collection delivers green energy

Ellgia Recycling is today launching an innovative food recycling service  to help businesses avoid the environmental and financial costs of sending food waste to landfill, instead using it to create bioenergy and bio fertiliser.


The new service offers businesses a simple means to comply with increasing levels of legislation concerning food recycling. Under current law, all food businesses that produce more than 50kg of food waste a week are required to have a separate food waste recycling stream.

According to WRAP, 920,000 tonnes of food is thrown away every year by the hospitality and food service sector alone, costing £2.5 million and producing between 460,000 – 920,000 tonnes of CO2. With its commitment to recycling, Ellgia Recycling sends all food waste to a local anaerobic digestion plant, which is then broken down to produce biogas and bio fertiliser.

During just one month of the initial trials, Ellgia Recycling collected 336.78 tonnes of food waste from clients, delivering a carbon saving against landfill of 30,000 kg. This food waste was used to generate 130,000 Kwhr, enough to power 35 houses for a month, and enough fertiliser to produce crops to grow 70,000 loaves of bread.

As part of the new service, Ellgia Recycling has invested in new bins that are specifically developed to collect food waste, with rounded bottoms so that food doesn’t stick, and replacement liners that are provided on collection to keep the bins clean. Collections will take place weekly, more frequently if required, and will take food and packaging, including fruit and vegetables, meat and fish (uncooked and cooked), packaged food, canned food, bakery waste, canteen waste and kitchen scraps.



Ellgia Recycling Spokesperson, said: “No-one likes to think of food waste but it does happen, and rather than pretending it doesn’t exist it’s much more important to deal with it in the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way possible. As with all of our solutions, the food waste service is underpinned by innovative technology that accurately measures and monitors waste collected. Customers can then access details of their account, provided in real time, at any time of day or night, and create reports as required.

“We’re really excited about this new service and look forward to working with many more businesses across Cambridgeshire and the wider region to help deliver more energy and fertiliser while saving money and a huge amount of hassle.”

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