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Healing Manor – Going Green with Ellgia Recycling

Healing Manor is going green with Ellgia Recycling.

Healing Manor is going green with Ellgia Recycling.

Nestled in the grounds of a historic medieval manor they are one of Lincolnshire’s finest foodie finds with a wide range of different menus from their Seasonal Tasting menus, Traditional British Menu, Kids menu, and even one for dogs. Healing Manor has recently started working with Ellgia to improve their green credentials, their recycling and waste.

Thinking about the environment is central to everything they do and goes far beyond serving customers in the hotel and the restaurant and extends to linking with local suppliers to reduce food miles and taking advantage of the mass of excellent local produce in the region.  

Healing Manor Go Green

Whilst their waste levels are high they work closely with suppliers and businesses that can support their green ethos such as working with Stokes who supply their coffee and have introduced a collection scheme for their coffee beans, rather than having to dispose of coffee bags and waste. Food trimmings are composted or converted into dog-friendly means in the Pig and Whistle. Ingredients such as mushrooms, peelings, and scallop roe are dehydrated into powders and trimmings which are fit for human consumption are converted into hot meals to feed the local homeless. Looking at the waste was the next logical step.

“Ellgia, couldn’t be more professional. We signed up at first meet. Not only have we reduced our waste costs, we’ve become more efficient and conscious within our teams, to dispose of our waste correctly.”

“Whilst becoming a business which is now no waste to landfill, thanks to Ellgia, our costs have been reduced hugely. Our waste costs have almost been cut in half, and our business conscious has grown!”

Charlotte Hay, Director



Ellgia’s trained waste auditors have helped a number of businesses and clubs such as Scunthorpe United, Healing Manor, Marshalls and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospital.

If you want a free waste audit please contact us at

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