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Waste collection in Boston-Lincolnshire

Ellgia Recycling provides their customers with daily general waste collections in Boston, Spalding, Sleaford, Skegness, Grantham and Newark in the Lincolnshire area and we offer this services to businesses, restaurants, cafes, shops, offices, councils, governmental offices, schools and colleges.

The black bin services for general waste or rubbish has been changed by Ellgia, which provides their customers with a unique green wheelie bin or wheeled container to ensure they customer have a first class image for their waste management or rubbish collection in the Lincolnshire area.

Trash or Rubbish or General Waste is taken to Transfer stations or Landfill sites in the Lincolnshire area to ensure we dispose of the General Rubbish in the correct legal manner, to ensure our carbon impact is reduced by the dustcarts travelling in the shortest distance.

We collect General waste in the Wheeled Containers, Large Skips, Rollonofs, Ro/Ro and Black bags or trade sacks which are all in Ellgia Recycling Green bins or rubbish bags.

Ellgia Recycling provides our customers with Zero landfill options for their waste management in Lincolnshire