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Ellgia is a leading supplier of skips to the construction trade and domestic households.

Ellgia is a leading supplier of skips to the construction trade in Cambridegshire, Suffolk, Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

Our success in the waste and recycling sector is a result of our hard work, determination and passion for what we do.

What size skip?

We have a range of skip sizes available for various applications. For added security and to reduce the risk of wind-blown items, lidded and lockable versions are available.

Please note that the capacity of each skip is intended as a guide only.

4 cubic yard 0.92 metre 1.35 metre 1.83 metre
5 cubic yard 0.90 metre 2.55 metre 1.35 metre
6 cubic yard 1.07 metre 1.70 metre 2.60 metre
8 cubic yard 1.22 metre 3.70 metre 3.66 metre
12 cubic yard 1.83 metre  1.75 metre 3.70 metre
14 cubic yard 1.80 metre 1.75 metre 4.10 metre
16 cubic yard 1.80 metre 1.73 metre 4.20 metre

With over 20 years experience in the waste industry Ellgia Skips specialise in demolition & site clearance, waste management services and aggregates & concrete crushing.We have our own licensed sites located across the regions enabling us to offer a fast, reliable and professional service at competitive rates.

Ellgia Skips has a vision that is focused on delivering quality waste management solutions that respect the environment, incorporate technical innovation and encourage continuous improvement.

If you are interested in hiring a skip please contact our experienced team on 01223 322799 or email us on